dimarts, 25 de novembre de 2008


Rosa is my goddaughter. She is 7 years old and is older than her little brother, Guillem, who is 5. She lives in Campredó with her mum and Dad, her little brother and one of her granddads.

Rosa likes learning languages and in fact she speaks Catalan as her mother tongue, she also speaks Spanish at school, she has been learning English since she was 2, and, although she doesn't want me to, I speak Italian to her and her little brother. She can understand most of it but she is, nowadays, refusing to speak it, she just uses a few words. I hope she manages to speak these four languages fluently when she grows up because speaking languages is very important for her future.

She is very intelligent (she will get angry with me because she never wants me to say so, since she blushes easily) and she likes reading very much. She profits every moment she has to read a book, and she is also keen on the Internet. It is amazing to see how many things she can do when she's at her computer! She even taught me how to create power points!

She is a real fan of a band called "Obrint Pas". She knows all their lyrics by heart and she's even been to a couple of their concerts! And the most amazing thing is that it's not a children's group, but a rock group for adults!

I feel really proud of her. She's my little girl, and I know that she loves me as much as I love her.

These last weeks she's missed me a lot because of my absentce due to my course in León, Spain, but she felt so happy when I told her that I could do my practices in our area! However, every time we're together she never lets me go and she always wants to hug me and kiss me! I really love her!

Sometimes she says she'd like to become a writer, but a writer of children's tales, and I suppose that whenever she decides to take it up she'll be also great at it! I remember that some time ago she wrote a tale for me, and what we must take into consideration is that her imagination will help her wherever she goes and whatever she does in her life.

I know she'll get angry with me because I have only said good things about her, but, you know, how can you say bad things about sucha a lovely little person? No way!

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emigdi ha dit...

A pretty girl, isn't she? Dad's love!!!

rosa subirats ha dit...

padrina don as tret esta foto tan xula?