dimecres, 3 de desembre de 2008


Today I had my mobile phone stolen. I was not in the street or in a bar, not at all! I was working in my office and I had it on the desk! A muslim immigrant came in in order to sell me a newspaper, an exemplar of "El Mundo" by the way, and as I refused, he just said, in good Spanish "Ok, Madam. Bye", and he left. As quickly as he left I realised something was wrong, and of course I came out chasing him but he'd already got on his bike and rode away.

It could have been worse, of course, but I felt really impotent.

I had been robbed in my place! And this is not the first time we've been assaulted at work! First it was the new computer screen, then some bottles of "cava", then my brother's credit card, and now my mobile! It's incredible that nowadays we can't feel safe anywhere, not because this time it was an immigrant, it's not all immigrants' fault, but people around don't feel comfortable anywhere because violence, robberies and assaults are happening too often nowadays!

We should consider what is making this situation happen so often and in so many places, then we could perhaps find a solution to this chaos around.