diumenge, 22 de febrer del 2009



My name is Rachel

1. There’s a market every Sunday in London called Spitalfields market. I often go there to look for clothes and CDs. Today, I’m taking Abby there for the first time. Dan and Hanif are coming along too. Hanif likes shopping for clothes, but Dan isn’t really into fashion. He prefers buying CDs.

2. Hanif wears trendy clothes. Bright colours really suit her because of her black hair and dark skin. She often wears hats too. Dan looks good in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, he wears hats but he doesn’t wear bright colours, I don’t know why but they really don’t’ suit him.

3. Abby: “That hat is so cool, Dan. Buy it!”

Dan: “How do I look, Rachel?”

Rachel laughing: “You look like a potato”

It was only a joke but Dan didn’t take it very well. He looked hurt for a moment, and that’s unusual for him – he’s usually really cheerful. I tried to explain, but made it worse.

Rachel: “I’m sorry, but that hat isn’t you. It’s too … trendy”.

Dan: “Oh, right. So I’m old-fashioned, am I?”

Help! Why are relationships so difficult?

Answer the questions:

  1. What do Rachel, Hanif and Dan each like shopping for?
  2. What suits Hanif?
  3. What clothes suit Dan?
  4. According to Rachel, what doesn’t suit Dan?
  5. Does Rachel offend Dan on purpose?
  6. Why is Rachel surprised when Dan gets upset?
  7. What happens when Rachel tries to explain?

True or false:

  1. The market is open every day
  2. It’s Abby’s first time at the market
  3. Hanif often wears hats
  4. Rachel thinks relationships are easy.

Describe what Rachel, Abby and Dan are wearing in detail.

Write a 3-paragraph composition about what you like to wear, use the present simple and frequency adverbs structures:

Paragraph 1: My image

I think/ don’t think I’m …

I usually wear …

However, I sometimes wear

Paragraph 2: Three things that I love

I really like … I also love …

The third thing …

Paragraph 3: Three things that I hate

I don’t like … The second thing …

The third thing …