diumenge, 27 de març de 2011

Bored people trying to put others down

I know you may not even be interested in reading this article; however, spending few minutes reading it may help you understand this feeling of boredom so that you could prevent it in the future.

Boredom is like all other emotions, it’s a signal sent to you by your subconscious mind in order to motivate you to take a certain action. People usually misinterpret the signal and they think that they should do something new to feel good, but few days later they discover that they are bored again.

Boredom is nothing but a message from your subconscious mind telling you that this thing you are doing may not be important to you while interest is nothing more than a message telling you that this thing you are doing might be of importance to you one day.

If you want to stop feeling bored then you should do anything but online games or watching the television. These things will just help you escape your feelings of boredom for few moments or few hours (and they rarely succeed) but later the feelings of boredom will invade your mind again. It’s your life style that should be changed and not anything else, do you know why do you feel bored often? Because most of your surrounding doesn’t interest you, and do you know why aren’t you interested in anything?
Because you have no major goals to go after!! The more goals you have the more tools you will need to accomplish them and the more you will find these tools around you and so you will feel less bored. Boredom comes from within and not from your srroundings and that's way the only effective way to deal with boredom is to change yourself. Changing your srroundings is only a temproray fix but sooner or later boredom will return back again and i am sure you have experienced this before.Doing something new or playing an online game is not the solution for boredom, only responding to the signal being sent to you can help you get rid of your boredom.

People label others as boring when they can’t find anything that interests them in those people. So if someone considers you boring you can easily change this idea by proving to be interesting.

You should follow the majority when they are all happy, very successful and completely satisfied with their lives. But if the people who put you down all the time are feeling bad, are not successful and aren't happy with their lives then you should never give any weight to their words. I know that after some time you will start to feel tired because of people's continues attempts to put you down however what you must know is that the majority of people are living miserable lives and that following them makes no sense at all.

Why do people put others down?

A person might put you down because he fears getting out of his comfort zone and you reminded him of his fear with your enthusiasm.

A second group of people might put you down out of jealousy and because they don't want to see you succeeding while they find themselves left behind. A third group might put you down because of the limiting beliefs they have about life.

Another group of people might have learned to become sarcastic as a result of the way they were brought up. Because they are already tired of being put down by their parents they start to put others down in order to feel good about themselves.

If you are tired of people who put you down then you first must understand why they are doing so and this will certainly make you feel better.

How can we understand people's behaviour? Don't we sometimes meet people who behave in a weird way? How can we interpret the behaviour of those people?

When first meeting a sarcastic person who constantly criticizes everyone around him we will quickly assume that he/she is a mean person but if we knew that this person feels inferior and that the only way he/she found to feel superior is to criticize everyone else the picture becomes clearer.

In order to understand people's behaviour you must know that every behaviour serves a very important role in maintaining the psychological balance of the person even if the behaviour appears so odd.

Here’s a formula we can follow to understand people's behaviour:

1) Don't try to judge someone's behaviour without understanding his/her underlying reasons
2) The way a person behaves throughout different situations will provide a clue about his main intention.

3) You can't understand people's behaviour before you know about their psychological drives. These drives are formed in their early childhood and are usually kept secret but the good news is that by connecting the dots you can understand these drives.

How to deal with someone who puts you down?
And how to keep going forward if you are surrounded by
negative people and critical ones?

Negativity is part of human nature and it’s the usual response you will find from most people especially when they are faced with something that forces them out of their comfort zone. Just tell your friends that you about to start something new and they will all start putting you down.

You might be thinking that dealing with a person who puts you down depends on the actions you are going to take with him but in fact it all depends on your own response to his actions.

In order to prevent people from putting you down you have to strengthen your belief in yourself and in your dreams. Negativity won't disappear, negative people won't stop and critical comments won’t run out that's why the best way to deal with them it to learn how to not let them affect you.

Dealing with someone who puts you down is all about not revealing your plans until your beliefs become strong enough so that his negative comments never manage to affect you.