divendres, 18 de febrer de 2011

14 Simple Ways to Make You Happy

We want to be happy always, but often blame others or situations which fail to support this need. But we do not need some remarkable things to take place to shower happiness on us. We feel happy in small, yet interesting things. But do you realize that you share some portions of the responsibility to keep yourself happy? You have to do certain things intentionally to keep yourself in a happy mood. Here's a list of things which can enable you to turn a bad day into a bright one:

1. Go through the pages of an old photo album: Once you go back to those memorable days, you would feel really rejuvenated. Old photos carry a lot of emotions and looking at photos when you were a kid or your kids' photos would inspire you to take interest in your life and work. You can also upload some of your favorite photos in your office computer and this would help you boost up your mood in a stressful work atmosphere.

2. Have nuts in your spare times: Whenever you get an opportunity, consider taking some nuts as these are great mood boosters. You can store walnuts in the drawer of your office desk. Having a salmon salad at lunch also produces the same effect. These foods are rich sources of Omega-3 fats which are considered powerful components to fight depression.

3. Consider having a simpler form of aromatherapy: You can fill the air around you with some good aroma by lighting up aromatic candles or incense sticks. Studies have proved that a good smell goes a long way in calming minds during a stressful work day.

4. Get exposed to the morning sunlight: Research has shown that the first sunlight you see after waking up boosts up your mood. A good exposure to sunlight is found to be associated with better mood, sleep and alertness. Consider having breakfast by your window side every morning. You would feel happy.

5. Make some moves: If you are in an office setup, where there are no windows to see outside or to feel the sunlight, then consider moving out during the breaks. Getting the sun's exposure is very essential to keep away depression. You can do mild exercises, at about 40 percent of your heart rate, to lift your mood. Even simple physical activities in the form of walking down the path of a park or doing a bit of gardening would help to keep you happy. These are not just exercises, but are targeted towards mental recreation.

6. Clear the mess around you: When something is not in order then it reminds you about the work that is left to be done. The mess around you might make you feel "messy" too! So if you have time, organize the cluttered papers, books and other items in neat piles and keep them in baskets or drawers. Organizing your office desk or your kitchen would help you to come out of a bad mood.

7. Think speedily: Whenever you are in a stressful situation, just think about the positive aspects of the situation quickly. Take 30 minutes to make a list of the positive points. This is a mode of distraction which can quickly change your mood. According to the researchers, the mood gets lifted due to the release of feel-good brain chemicals during the rapid thinking process.

8. Watch something funny: Laughter is a great stress reliever as it is related to the release of dopamine, the hormone which prevents depression. You can watch a funny video or meet some friends who can make you laugh!

9. Focus better on good experiences than materials: It is true that shopping would lift up your mood, but having better experiences and enjoying these with family and friends would give you more happiness. When you go to attend a concert or a lunch with your near and dear ones, then you feel nice and this joy is greater in comparison to what you feel while shopping for clothes and jewelry just for yourself!

10.Exchange smiles with others: Whenever you smile, you become more social and acceptable to everyone around you. You make new friends and people are attracted to you. This social acceptance is enough to keep you happy.

11.Take your mind away for a moment: You need to experience some downtime to release stress. After going through some stressful hours, just move away from your desk and keep your eyes closed. Think about some unrelated matter; say the fun activities which you are going to do in the weekend.

12.Socialize with a cheerful neighbour: Make it a point to meet and exchange smiles with a cheerful neighbor every day. Short chat sessions would really keep you happy and relaxed.

13.Take interest in cooking after a tough day: Once you go back to your home after a tough day, think about cooking to de-stress you and to keep your mind away from the day's hectic schedule. Cooking a sumptuous meal for yourself would allow you to unwind very easily. And delicious foods are great mood boosters!

14.Volunteer for a cause: You can think of doing some good deeds by participating in a cause. This can be achieved in many ways: going for charity walks, participating in awareness campaigns and even by donating your organs. Serving the society and the community would give you a feeling of goodness.

You see, miracles cannot happen every time. But does this stop you from keeping yourselves happy and from celebrating life? You have to find ways to keep you happy! Then only, you can spread happiness to others around you.